Undergraduate Minor


The History and Philosophy of Science Program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida State University offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor.

  • The minor is 12 semester hours and must include at least one Philosophy of Science course and one History of Science course, or equivalent.
  • If used to fulfill the HPS minor, none of these courses may also be used to fulfill Liberal Studies or major degree requirements.
  • Some of these courses have prerequisites; check with the department that offers the course. A grade of C- or better must be earned in each course. Below is a list of some of the classes that may be used to fulfill the minor.

Students who intend to minor in HPS should declare their intent with the Program Director at least two semesters before graduation. If the student is an Arts & Sciences major, after completing 90 semester hours they must declare their minor with Arts & Sciences (Longmire 10). Students must have at least a "C-" average in the minor.

The History and Philosophy of Science Program is located on the Ground Floor of the Diffenbaugh Building, Room 001.

Director: Michael Ruse
Tel: 850-644-4128
Fax: 850-644-3832
Email: mruse@fsu.edu

Administrative Assistant: Karmel Hawkins
Tel: 850-644-7248
Email: khawkins@fsu.edu
Web: hps.fsu.edu

Courses for the HPS Minor

AMH 4630 North American Environmental History (3)
AMH 4634 Florida Environmental History (3)
ANT 2511 Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory (3)
ANT 4553 The Great Apes (3)
ANT 4586 Human Evolution (3)
BSC 1005 General Biology for Non-Majors (3)
BSC 2010 Biological Science I (3)
HIS 3464 History of Science (3)
HIS 3491 Medicine and Society (3)
HIS 4930 Special Topics in History (3)
HPS 3320 Screening the Scientific Life: Cinema and the Cultural Image of Science (3).
HPS 3323 History and Philosophy of Environmental Science (3)
ISC 3076 Science, Technology, and Society (3)
PCB 3043 General Ecology (3)
PCB 4674 Evolution (3)
PHI 2100 Reasoning & Critical Thinking (3)
PHI 2620 Environmental Ethics (3)
PHI 3000 Women and Science (3)
PHI 3130 Introduction to Symbolic Logic (3)
PHI 3400 Philosophy of Science (3)
PSB 2000 Intro to Brain and Behavior (3)
PSB 4461 Hormones and Behavior (3)
REL 3145 Gender and Religion (3)
REL 3180 Bioethics (3)
REL 3493 Religion and Science (3)
WOH 4235 Disease, Race & Environment (3)

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