Current Students


Jesse Powell

Bio: I grew up in Dublin, Georgia, and I got my Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Linguistics from Georgia Southern University. My current research interests include science and technology, metaphilosophy, experimental philosophy, logic and mathematics. Read more...


Dan Vrobel

Bio: My research focus is on physicists and their portrayal throughout history, specifically the men and women of the Manhattan project. I received my Bachelor of Science from Marquette University in 2013, where I studied Physics and History. I look forward to getting my degree and building a career within the study of HPS. Read more...

Jeff Haines

Bio: My research interests lie in philosophy of social science, global ethics, and political philosophy. Aside from Florida and Virginia, I have also lived in Morocco, India, and Ghana. Read more...


Terrill Schrock

I was born in Alabama but have lived all over, including Ohio, Texas, Virginia, France, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. I earned a BA in French & Russian from the University of South Alabama in Mobile and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas. Read more...

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