Ron Numbers Conference

Science without God: Religion, Naturalism and the Sciences
A Conference to Honour Ronald L. Numbers

Conference Venue: First Presbyterian Church, 110 North Adams Street, Tallahassee.
Conference Hotel: DoubleTree Hotel, Tallahassee, 101 South Adams Street, Tallahassee, Florida, 32301-7774.

Afternoon/ Evening Arrive. Please make your own dinner plans, bearing in mind, if you wish to eat out, that it is Valentine's Day.
9:00-9:20 Welcome: Michael Ruse, Peter Harrison and Jon Roberts
9:20-10.00 Ancient Natural Philosophy: Daryn Lahoux
Commentator: Efthymios Nicolaidis
10.00-10:40 Medieval Natural Philosophy: Michael H. Shank
Commentator: Peter Harrison
10:40-11.00 COFFEE BREAK
11.00-11:30 Early Modern Natural Philosophy: Peter Harrison
Commentator: Ted Davis
11:30-12:10 Early Modern Chronology: Florence Hsia
Commentator: Keith Benson
12:10-12:50 Astronomy: J. B. Shank
Commentator: Michael Shank
1.00-2:00 LUNCH
2:00-2:40 Physics: Matthew Stanley
Commentator: Fred Gregory
2:40-3:20 Chemistry: John Hedley Brooke
Commentator: Matt Stanley
3:20-4:00 Geology: Nicolaas Rupke
Commentator: Rod Stiling
4:00-4:20 COFFEE BREAK
4:20-5:00 Medicine [physiology & epidemiology]: Sue Lederer
Commentator: John Harley Warner
5:00-5:40 Anthropology: David N. Livingstone
Commentator: Bob Richards
6:45 DINNER. Meet at Doubletree Hotel Lobby for Transport to Restaurant
9:00-9:40 Biology [19th and 20th c.]: Michael Ruse
Commentator: Gregg Mitman
9:40-10:20 Psychology: Jon H. Roberts
Commentator: Steve Wald
10:20-11:00 Psychiatry: Rennie B. Schoepflin
Commentator: Jon Roberts
11:00-11-20 COFFEE BREAK
11:20-12:00 Social Sciences: John Evans
Commentator: Terrie Aamodt
12:00-12:40 Biblical Studies: Scott Prinster
Commentator: Jon Butler
12:40-2:00 LUNCH
2:00-2:40 Religious Studies: Matt Day
Commentator: William Trollinger
2:40-3:20 19th-Century Evolutionary Naturalists: Bernie Lightman
Commentator: John Brooke
3:20-4:00 Philosophical Studies: Elliott Sober
Commentator: Michael Ruse
4:00-4:20 COFFEE BREAK
4:20-5:30 Science and Naturalism: Round Table: Ron Numbers, Peter Harrison, Jon Roberts, Michael Ruse
6:45 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transport /Directions to Chez Ruse for dinner

We are very grateful for the financial support of The Historical Society, Florida State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are also indebted to the First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee for the use of their facilities.

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