Hannah Koslowsky

BSc, Trent University, Biology and Anthropology (2010)
Office Diffenbaugh 016
Office Hours (Spring 2014): Monday 12:30-3:30
Email hk12f@my.fsu.edu
Research Interests Ecology and Conservation Biology

Bio: I chose the HPS program for its interdisciplinary perspective of biology and environmental science. I am interested in the larger implications of ongoing issues within biology and related fields, particularly contemporary societal views of ecology, conservation biology, and 'the environment'. After completing a joint major undergraduate in anthropology and biology, HPS offers me a non-restrictive field for synthesis and support to pursue my interests. I have also been involved in youth initiatives, engagement, and programs, including the Ontario Ranger Program and Students On Ice, and I am interested in experiential and informal education.

My undergraduate work was published in March 2011 edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS): Population trends of grassland birds in North America are linked to the prevalence of an agricultural epizootic in Europe.

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